Children's Protection (Information Sharing) Amendment Bill

I rise to support the Children's Protection (Information Sharing) Amendment Bill 2016. This is an extremely important bill with regard to the collaboration between agencies involved in the child protection system.

Statutes Amendment (Child Marriage) Bill

I rise to first express my disappointment that the government will not be supporting this bill. I think it is a very important piece of legislation.

Children's Protection (Guardianship) Amendment Bill

 I rise to speak on the Children's Protection (Guardianship) Amendment Bill 2016 and to support this bill.

Health and medical research

Ms SANDERSON (Adelaide) (15:47): On 2 October, I had the great pleasure of attending the Australian Society for Medical Research Leading Light awards, and I would like to congratulate Professor Deborah White, Director of Cancer Research and Principal Research Fellow of SAHMRI, for her winning research regarding leukaemia.

Vote of No Confidence in Minister Rankine

Ms SANDERSON (Adelaide) (14:55):
The Minister for Health says that he would never play cheap politics—never, ever. It is the
most ridiculous thing I have ever heard come out of his mouth.

Budget Reply Speech 2014

Ms SANDERSON (Adelaide) (12:22):
I rise to make my contribution regarding the 2014-15 budget. As a state, we are currently looking at a
deficit in the 2013-14 year of $1.2 billion, the largest in the state's history. In the 2014-15 year, the
deficit is predicted to be $479 million.

Car Park Tax Supply Bill Grievance 2014

I would like to put on the record some of the testimonials that I have been receiving from residents, business owners and people throughout the city who are affected by the proposed car parking tax. The first resident lives at the UNO apartments and does not have a car. The UNO apartments were approved and built with only 36 car parks for 146 apartments. As she does not have street frontage, she is not entitled to a parking permit from council.

Capital City Committee Amendment 2014

That this bill be now read a second time.

The Parliament of South Australia established the Capital City Committee under the City of Adelaide Act 1998. That act is recognition that a thriving capital city is critical to the overall success of the state. The act establishes arrangements for the intergovernmental liaison between the state government and the Corporation of the City of Adelaide for the strategic development of the city.

Maiden Speech

I would like to thank His Excellency for opening the 52nd parliament and for his speech regarding the future of our state. I would also like to thank both the Governor and Mrs Scarce for their service to the people of South Australia.