Budget Reply Speech 2017

I rise to give my contribution regarding the Appropriation Bill. In 2008, I made a decision to join the Liberal Party and to aspire to become a member of parliament. The reason I did that was that too many of our young were leaving our state. I had a business that I had had for 15 years at the time, which I loved, yet I was so saddened by seeing so many of our best and brightest finish their degrees and move interstate to search for work.

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights (Suspension of Executive Board) Amendment Bill

I rise in support of the APY Land Rights (Suspension of Executive Board) Amendment Bill, which allows the minister to suspend the executive board. I had the great privilege last week to accompany the Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee on their trip to the APY lands. It was my first time ever in the APY lands, and it was such an amazing and beautiful place. The countryside is absolutely gorgeous, and we were very lucky, as has already been stated, to see the 20,000-year-old paintings at Cave Hill.

Childcare Services

My question is to the Minister for Education and Child Development. Following on from my question on 20 October 2016, will the minister now advise the house of how long the then 15-year-old hoon driver, under the guardianship of the minister at the time, had been missing for at the time of the incident that killed Mrs Nicole Tucker?

Road Traffic (Mail Zones) Amendment Bill

Introduced a bill for an act to amend the Road Traffic Act 1961. 

Supply Bill 2017

I rise to speak on the Supply Bill 2017 which proposes to give the government $5.9 billion to spend in the next financial year, ahead of the budget being prepared. This is equivalent to five months' worth of the budget, or five-twelfths. Previously, for the last several years, this has been in the vicinity of $3 billion. Why is there such a large increase of almost double the money that is not being accounted for that is simply being given without reason?

Foster Care

That this house calls on the state Labor government to adopt the following policies released by the state Liberal Party to help protect our children

Public Works Committee: O-Bahn City Access Project

I rise to speak on this very important piece of infrastructure. I support public transport and improvements to public transport, and the O-Bahn, being a good Liberal initiative, is a great piece of infrastructure for the greater public good. However, prior to the 2014 election, the government's transport priority was the electrification of the Gawler railway line, which it had already announced twice and abandoned. By cancelling the Gawler electrification project, we lost the commonwealth funding of $76 million and will pay an estimated cost penalty of $70 million to restart the project in the future.

Children and Young People (Safety) Bill 2017

I note that I am the lead speaker on this very important bill. I reiterate these words from the member for Enfield's speech:

The Children and Young People (Safety) Bill 2017 is a landmark piece of legislation which repeals the Children's Protection Act 1993 and creates a new child protection framework to implement recommendations made by the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission in its report 'The life they deserve'.

Children's Protection (Guardianship) Amendment Bill

 I rise to speak on the Children's Protection (Guardianship) Amendment Bill 2016 and to support this bill.

Statutes Amendment (Child Marriage) Bill

I rise to first express my disappointment that the government will not be supporting this bill. I think it is a very important piece of legislation.