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New interactive recruitment website to help attract foster carers across South Australia
A new, more engaging foster care recruitment website is attracting strong attention from potential carers, generating almost 80 online enquiries in its first month.
State Budget 2019/20
The Marshall Liberal Government has handed down the 2019/20 State Budget. The budget has many measures that will be implemented in the Electorate of Adelaide and will assist my constituents.
New residential care model to help Aboriginal children stay connected and overcome trauma
The State Government has engaged InComPro to establish an Aboriginal-specific residential care service for young people that is both therapeutic and culturally responsive. The ground-breaking Northern suburbs service, which is scheduled to open later this month, will house four Aboriginal young people across two homes. InComPro is now one of...
Operation Flinders Quiz Night
Since the commencement of the Prospect chapter of Operation Flinders in 2013, I am proud to report that, together with the generous sponsorship of local Service Clubs, we have raised more than $88,400 in support of over 55 young people at risk.Please join me again this year for another quizzical...
Autumn Newsletter 2019
Just over one year ago, I was proud to be re-elected for my third term as your representative in State parliament and a Minister in the Marshall Liberal Government. It’s a great time to reflect on some of the things we have done during our first year such as:• Securing the National Space...
Network Prospect Business Event with guest presenter, Lucy Cornes
Had a great night at the Network Prospect Business Event: Content Marketing for Business Workshop with guest presenter, Lucy Cornes; She Shopped and She Digital #Prospect City of Prospect NetworkProspect

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