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Barton Road debate descends into costly farce

For 23 of those 25 years the Member for Croydon, Michael Atkinson, has argued against the decision.

The next chapter in this costly and baseless crusade will play out today as Parliament again meets to debate a decision made a quarter of a century that remains unchallenged by evidence.

“Mr Atkinson’s obsession with opening Barton Road has no support from the Adelaide City Council or the adjoining Charles Sturt Council,” Liberal Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson said.

“Indeed, Mr Atkinson did not even enjoy the support of his own party when the seat of Adelaide was Labor held.

“Only now, having lost the seat at the last election, is the Weatherill Labor Government willing to forsake the people of Adelaide.

“The lack of broad public or political support is matched by the complete absence of evidence that would necessitate a reopening of the road.

“Mr Atkinson has no supporting evidence, no traffic surveys, no mention of accident statistics, no traffic simulations or movement strategies, and no costings.

“What he does have is an obsession; unfortunately for South Australian taxpayers that obsession is a costly one.”

“Opening Barton Road will directly affect the residents of North Adelaide and Ovingham, reducing their amenity and putting more cars on their suburban streets.

“The surrounding area is used by young children and patients of the nearby Calvary Hospital and Mary Potter Hospice.

“The Liberal Party’s position remains unchanged on this issue - Barton Road should remain closed to traffic as it has for 25 years.”