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Labor set to sell off hospital charity car park

“SA Health CEO David Swan acknowledged to a parliamentary committee on Monday that the car park at the WCH is ‘in a trust between the Women’s and Children’s and the Foundation. It is part owned by each entity’. Yet the government plans to sell it” Shadow Health Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

“Cabinet documents leaked to the Opposition and approved by Treasury dated 21 September 2011 say that;

‘it is now anticipated that potentially only the multi-deck car parks at Flinders Medical Centre, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital and The Royal Adelaide Hospital (subject to existing contract conditions) will be sold’

“The government has a plan to sell hospital car parks to raise $90 million with $2 million to be raised from 2013-14.

“The evidence to Parliament confirms that SA Health has not yet agreed on the matter with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation. David Swan said: ‘If we had a reasonable argument about why we want to do something, I have no doubt that they would support that’, sending a clear signal that the homework is yet to be done.”

Local member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson MP has expressed concern about the sale plan and about inadequate parking in and around the WCH.

“What we need is to expand the existing facility at the WCH and provide a solution that does not disadvantage the Foundation, which earns important revenue through the car parks,” Ms Sanderson said.

“An expanded facility would provide safer parking for staff, free-up on street parking for residents and be much more convenient for parents with children.”