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Liberals oppose footbridge regulations

The regulations allow for the construction of a pedestrian footbridge from the Festival Centre institutional zone to the adjacent Park Lands zone on the opposite bank of the River Torrens.

Planning Minister John Rau has used his powers from the Development Act 1993 to create regulations in Schedule 1A of the Development Regulations 2008 which do not require any form of formal approval.

"This regulation, for a $40 million footbridge, has been tacked on with low cost domestic developments such as solar panels, car ports and garden sheds," Liberal Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson said.

“We have seen our AAA credit rating disappear, water bills triple and electricity prices soar - $40 million for a footbridge is a luxury South Australians cannot afford.

"Just last week we saw the mothballing of the $2.2 billion desalination plant – is the footbridge Labor's next white elephant waiting to happen?"