media release

Surrogacy amendments acknowledge Mother’s health

The changes recognise potentially serious health impacts of pregnancy on the mother, and women who can get pregnant but cannot carry the pregnancy or give birth, as legitimate grounds for surrogacy.

“Surrogacy is already legal in SA but only when the potential mother is infertile, or the child is at risk,” Ms Sanderson said.

“The current legislation does not cover a mother whose own life or health would be seriously impacted by pregnancy or delivery of an infant.

“A further amendment to include women who can get pregnant but are unable to carry a pregnancy or give birth was introduced after a meeting with Health Minister Hill.”

“These important amendments give the opportunity for women to enjoy motherhood who otherwise couldn’t.”

The amendments came about following an inquiry to Ms. Sanderson’s office by a South Australian mother who suffers from a serious health issue, meaning she would likely break her hip if she delivered another child.

“Under current laws she would need to move interstate to legally engage a surrogate to carry and deliver her child,” Ms Sanderson said.

“The amendments bring us into line with Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.”

The Bill will be introduced into the Upper House next month by Ms Sanderson’s Liberal colleague, the Hon John Dawkins.