Adelaide Electorate

Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 5 March 2020

It has been almost two years since I was re-elected for my third term as the state member for Adelaide. During this time, there have been many major and local projects announced within the Adelaide electorate, and the Marshall Liberal government has a strong plan to do so much more.

At the last election, we promised to erect a noise barrier along Hawker Street and Park Terrace at Ovingham, and I am pleased that plans for the Ovingham wall are almost complete. It was important for the project designers to look at the impact of such a big wall, including traffic and line-of-sight requirements, as well as pedestrian safety. The department is also trying to save as many trees as possible. Once these considerations have been incorporated and the plans finalised, it is expected that the wall will be completed by the end of the year.

The government is also progressing work on the Gawler electrification project, which borders my electorate on the western side along Devonport Terrace. I have conveyed residents' initial concerns about the number of trees and bushes that were to be pruned or removed to both the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the minister. I am pleased that the government listened and not only reduced the number of trees affected but significantly increased the funding offered to the Prospect council for the revegetation of the rail corridor to now more than $200,000. The department recently held two street-corner meetings to discuss the revegetation plans with locals and to receive further feedback.

Another rail project has also been announced at Torrens Road, Ovingham, with $231 million being provided by the state and federal Liberal governments to remove the level crossing. With an average of 23,000 vehicles passing through this level crossing every day, a grade separation will improve traffic flow and road safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Torrens Road crosses both the interstate rail line and the Gawler passenger rail line, and the boom gates at this intersection are down for approximately 22 per cent of the time during peak periods, adding considerably to traffic times for motorists. A planning study is currently underway and, while this project is on the border of my electorate, it affects thousands of people, including my constituents, and I am pleased that the state and federal governments are working together to address this congestion problem.

The Marshall Liberal government is investing $42.5 million over two years to refurbish older South Australian Housing Authority stocks, for example, redesigning outdoor laundries to now be internal thereby making it safer for tenants. As a result of working with agencies and changes to the tenancy management program, the mix of residents has improved to the extent that antisocial behaviour has decreased significantly and residents are now much happier.

In addition, a purpose-built four-storey apartment specifically designed for universal access for aged and those with disabilities, including those who are at risk of homelessness, has recently been constructed on Churchill Road and tenants have begun moving in. The apartment includes security features, stepless entry, provision for handrails in bathrooms and larger spaces to allow for mobility devices. It also has a lift, a communal area and a garden area to promote social interaction and reduce isolation.

There are 20 apartments in this complex located in the heart of the community so that people have easy access to public transport and amenities connecting them with the wider community. I am pleased that the state government has also provided funding for other projects in my electorate, including $600,000 to the City of Prospect through the Open Space grant program for the redevelopment of the George Whittle Reserve on Churchill Road for a fantastic skate park widely used by bike riders, skaters and scooter riders of all ages and abilities.

The state government is also investing $13.3 million through the Planning and Development Fund to help fund local projects to help make Adelaide greener, to preserve open space and to build local community infrastructure. One of these projects in partnership with the City of Prospect was the redevelopment of the Charles Cane Reserve, also on Churchill Road, which received $508,562. This funding enabled:

  • the installation of structured recreational play, including all-inclusive play equipment, nature play and fitness equipment;
  • new furniture and structures, including seating, picnic settings, bins, drinking fountains and shelters; and
  • landscaping, fencing and footpaths.

This is another great local project where the state government and local council have worked together cooperatively for the benefit of the whole community.