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Adelaide residents have a right to be angry

Liberal Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson was ejected from the chamber today for demanding answers to serious questions about Premier Weatherill’s pie-in-the-sky policy rollout in Adelaide.

“I stand with outraged Adelaide residents who are rightly sick of Labor’s announce and forget approach to the city,” said Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson.

“Labor’s fanciful 30 year transport plan and about-face on the need for a second city High School sounds eerily similar to the overpromised and undelivered policies announced prior to the 2010 election.”

Four days out from the 2010 election Labor announced an expansion of the Adelaide High School to cater for 250 extra students by 2013 and the expansion of the school zone to include Prospect and Walkerville.

“We are now nearing the end of 2013 and not one extra student has been accepted and no rezoning has occurred. We have also learnt that the 250 extra places won’t be realised until 2019,” said Ms Sanderson.

“Having failed to deliver on this promise Labor has now adopted the 2010 Liberal policy for a second Adelaide High School and is hoping to hoodwink the people of Adelaide yet again.

“I will not accept Mr Weatherill’s Labor Government treating Adelaide residents with contempt.

“Uncosted 30 year transport plans and hastily cobbled together High School policies are built on a legacy of broken promises in Adelaide.

“In attempting to locate a shred of credibility in Labor’s uncosted and unfunded policy pipe dreams I was ejected from the chamber – I will not cease fighting for the people of Adelaide and I will not allow them to be sold another Labor pup.

“The abject disregard Premier Weatherill has for the people of Adelaide was made abundantly clear by having the Labor candidate for Adelaide help announce a plan for a second campus at Adelaide High that he had previously spoken against!

“On Premier Weatherill’s watch serious questions are going unanswered, promises go unrealised, plans are uncosted and projects unfunded.

“South Australians deserve a government with the right priorities to get our state back on track.”