media release

Blind prejudice

“The State Government has failed its obligation to be an equal opportunity employer by refusing to interview Ms Connie Miara for a position on the Child Abuse Report Line,” said Shadow Minister for Families and Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

“Automatically precluding candidates on the grounds they don’t have a drivers licence unjustly discriminates against a range of people who cannot obtain a drivers licence.

“The State Government should be a model employer with the necessary flexibility in its employment practices to enable people with a disability to gain meaningful employment.

“The fact Ms Miara has a degree in social work makes this policy that much more perverse.

“Families SA is the largest employer of social workers in SA and is currently recruiting an additional 280 employees. If Connie can’t even get an interview what chance does she have

of ever securing work in her chosen field?

“People should be assessed on their ability to do the job, not stopped from applying for jobs that shouldn't require driving because they don't have a licence.

“We know from State Coroner Mark Johns that we need more skilled, qualified people keeping our children safe. Yet a qualified social worker wasn’t even allowed to apply for a job.

“This situation needs to be rectified and quickly.”