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Casual attitude on child protection continues

“Two weeks after the Coroner Mark Johns delivered his damning report into the tragic death of Chloe Valentine the Minister responsible reforming the child protection system was ignorant about changes to drug use policies,” said Shadow Minister for Families and Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

How can Minister Rau reform our dysfunctional child protection system if he has no idea of how Families SA deals with drug addicted parents?

“Given that the Coroner was highly critical of the drug use agreement between Ashlee Polkinghorne and Families SA it was totally unacceptable that the Minister could not detail how many other such agreements are in place.

“This strikes at the heart of the misguided policies that Families SA have been implementing yet the Minister responsible for reforming those policies can’t provide the most basic detail regarding them.

“Further the Minister wasn’t even aware that Families SA had initiated random drug testing of some parents despite Tony Harrison Chief Executive of DECD providing that evidence to a Parliamentary Committee last week.

“Splitting responsibility for child protection between two Ministers is a recipe for continued failure.

“South Australia’s dysfunction child protection system needs a strong Minister with a complete grasp of the detail.”