Children in Out-of-Home Care

Ms SANDERSON ( Adelaide ) ( 14:53 :54 ): My question is to the Minister for Education and Child Development. Can the minister inform the house of the proportion of children in out-of-home care who were the subject of a substantiation where the person responsible for that substantiation claim was living in the household providing the out-of-home care? With your leave and that of the house—

The SPEAKER: No, I have an arrangement with the Leader of the Opposition not to have explanations in order to expedite question time, and I have told the member for Adelaide that before. The Minister for Education.

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE ( Port AdelaideMinister for Education and Child Development, Minister for Higher Education and Skills) (14:54:29): That is a detailed question, and I will seek whether we have information, if we capture information that can answer it and, if so, provide it to the house.