Children's Protection Law Reform (Transitional Arrangements and Related Amendments) Bill

The member for Playford talks about fixing up a mess. These are three bills that are already enacted that clearly cannot work without this transitional bill. I find it very disappointing and annoying that we only received this bill late yesterday. Unlike the surrogacy bill, which has actually been listed and worked on for years, from what I know, this is really just presented at the last minute. I have not had a briefing. The briefing to our shadow attorney-general was after our joint party met, so our joint party has also not been able to have a full briefing, so any amendments or any changes will have to be dealt with in the upper house.

This bill is of great interest to me. Not being a lawyer, being given 44 pages of legislation the night before is really not enough time. However, I did ring a couple of key stakeholders I thought must have been involved in the process and neither of them were, so I am unsure who was consulted and whether people actually know the effects of this. I believe it is really about fixing up and enabling legislation that has already been presented, so I am not going to stop that at all from going ahead.

However, I note that for years there has been a series of issues with the working with children checks and police checks. It has been all over Leon Byner for years and years. The department has been unable to get these done in an adequate time. It has been a completely flawed process, and it looks like even their updated version is not capable of fixing the problems and we now have to have transitional arrangements in place.

I have had constituents contact me regarding name changes. I thought that would have been a separate bill, which I have been looking out for, but it has been included in this generic bill that covers many, many things, and that is the amendments to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act. I am in favour of that on behalf of one of my constituents, who has for years been advocating on behalf of her granddaughter, who is under her care and the guardianship of the minister.

The granddaughter has been in her care since a very young child and she has five of her siblings. There is one child who has what you could deem maybe as a joke name the mother made up, which has no reference to either the birth mother or the father. This grandmother has for quite some time been trying to get it changed, and I am told that this legislation will enable that, so I am very supportive of that. Hopefully, this will fix up a few issues, and with more time, when it goes to the upper house, if there are any amendments I will get them put through there.