media release

Congratulations to young people in care who finished SACE

The Liberal Government is congratulating the 275 young people in care who completed Year 11 and 12 SACE this year.

A total of 185 Year 11s and 89 Year 12s completed their schooling this year – one of the largest cohorts of young people in care to finish in recent years.

Last year, 232 Year 11s and 12s completed their SACE, up from 205 the year before.

Approximately 20 young people – who are or have recently been under guardianship and completed Year 12 or equivalent this year – will attend a special ceremony at Government House tonight.

The young people will be presented with a certificate by His Excellency, the Governor of South Australia The Honourable Hieu Van Le and Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

Minister for Child Protection said she was “incredibly proud” of the young people in care who had completed their studies, despite the difficulties they have faced.

“Congratulations to all of the young adults who have completed their studies in 2019 – it is a huge achievement,” said Minister Sanderson.

“These young adults are an inspiration to their peers and I congratulate them for their hard work and dedication this year.

“Education empowers and we know a good education is the best foundation for future prospects and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

“I want our children and young people to believe they have the capacity to achieve anything in life and reach for the stars.”