media release

Equity in the Capital City Committee

The committee was established in 1998 to devise initiatives to revitalise the CBD and advise on major projects.

The current Act allows six committee members, three from the government and three from the Adelaide City Council. The Member elected to represent Adelaide does not hold a position on the committee.

“With the help of the Hon. Michelle Lensink MLC I will move a Bill to amend the City of Adelaide Act to allow the Member for Adelaide a position on the Capital City Committee,” Liberal Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson said today.

“The previous Member for Adelaide, Jane Lomax-Smith, was chair of the committee - just because I’m not a member of the Labor Government doesn’t mean the people of Adelaide should be denied a voice.

“From March to November 2011 the third government position was left vacant after Bernard Finnigan stepped down from the committee. In that time a parade of guest members sat on the committee, including Prospect Mayor and Labor mate David O’Loughlin.

“This is a move towards greater transparency of Government after we have had a decade of secrecy from this tired Labor Government clinging to power,” Ms Sanderson said.