media release

Families SA’s role in Hillier tragedy must be examined

“There are basic facts that need to be established regarding the actions of the child protection
services in this shocking event,” said Shadow Minister for Families and Child Protection Rachel

“Premier Weatherill has rightly noted that any judgement on the performance of Families SA should be reserved until the full circumstances of this tragedy have become clear.

“It is critical that the facts regarding the actions of Families SA in this tragedy are understood sooner rather than later.

“It was years before the actions of child protection services were properly examined and found to be comprehensively wanting in the Chloe Valentine case.

“Waiting for the Coroner’s Court to consider the actions of Families SA in this case is unacceptable.

“The public needs to know how many child protection notifications were made, what, if any, action was taken and whether any drug assessments were conducted.

“This is all information that should be readily available in Families SA’s records.

“There is no reason that these facts can’t be obtained over the next few days so that Minister Close can make a report to Parliament first thing next week.

“We need these basic facts established first and then we need to determine whether or not a further independent investigation needs to be undertaken.

“It’s time for Minister Close to demonstrate leadership in this area and take action – there is
absolutely no reason for there to be any delay.

“South Australians need to have confidence in their child protection system.”