media release

Families SA workers hung out to dry


Four months have passed since the Minister for Child Protection Jennifer Rankine initiated an audit of residential care staff and two months have passed since the Minister identified 102 Families SA employees as being potentially unsuitable to work with children.

“Minister Rankine promised on October 3
that the further assessment of the 102 employees would be a priority,” said Shadow Minister for Families and Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

“Yesterday in State Parliament the Minister admitted the employee audit was ongoing and she had no idea when it would be completed.

“Working in child protection is stressful enough without the cloud of unresolved accusations hanging over so many colleagues.

“The Minister’s claim yesterday that: “
The department is going through this taking an abundance of caution to make sure that every process is undertaken, that every fairness is given to those particular people” is little more than a calculated insult.”

PSA General Secretary Jan McMahon has written to the Department’s Chief Executive expressing her disappointment at this issue of serious concern and labelling the Department’s performance as “
simply not good enough”

“Once again it is vulnerable children who are the ultimate victims of this Labor Government’s casual attitude to child protection,” said Ms Sanderson.

“Families SA needs a Minister to lead the organisation from the front and that requires an open and honest dialogue based on the facts.

“This delay makes it clear that Families SA is seriously lacking in leadership and direction.

“Children at risk of abuse and neglect have been let down terribly by the performance of Families SA and this needs to change.”