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Government adds insult to no consultation on child protection changes

The Weatherill Government’s decision to suspend standing orders to debate its child protection legislation in State Parliament before Opposition members had a chance to read the bill is a display of pathetic political point scoring.

“This morning I expressed my disappointment at the lack of consultation regarding changes to child protection laws in South Australia,” said Shadow Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

“Minister Rau’s petulant response to my concerns was to dump the legislation into Parliament this morning.

“I remind Minister Rau of the complete and utter failure of child protection under the Weatherill Government.

“So poor has been the Weatherill Government’s performance that it needed to establish a Royal commission to chart its way out of the mess it has created.

“The introduction of the new child protection laws presented the perfect opportunity for the Weatherill Government to break with its adversarial approach of the past.

“South Australians rightly expect that when it comes to child protection the Parliament will work together to achieve the best outcome for our state’s most vulnerable children.”