media release

Hindley St at night no place for children

The State Liberals are extremely concerned about the proposed reduction to the opening hours of police stations across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Many metropolitan stations’ opening hours are to be cut to a Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm service and some are to be closed as the Weatherill Government slashes police station opening hours by 716 hours a week.

This latest cut to police services follows the closure of a network of local police station across metropolitan Adelaide last year.

“One particular concern is the fact the Hindley Police Station is slated to be the only 24/7 police station in the CBD,” said Liberal Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson.

“With just three other metropolitan police stations operating 24/7 the decision leaves hundreds of thousands of people living in Adelaide reliant on the Hindley St police station if they need to attend a station after hours.

“Many people find Hindley Street an intimidating environment and would feel uncomfortable about having to go there after dark to report an incident.

“Consider the plight of a women with children fleeing domestic violence and needing refuge in a police station - Hindley St at midnight on the Saturday night would likely be the last place they would want to go.

“The very reason Hindley St needs a 24 hour police station – to control the level of violence, crime and anti-social behaviour – is the same reason people should not be forced to go there to access a police station.

“The Weatherill Government needs to ensure there is an alternative CBD police station that operates 24 hours a day.”