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HTTA shows its true colours

When HTTA assistant secretary Julie MacDonald was asked on ABC 891 radio why she has been silent on the issue, Ms MacDonald claimed the State Liberals ruined a really good day for our tenants where they would have had good information after the matter was raised in State Parliament. (891 ABC)

“I’m astonished that Ms MacDonald thinks that the Minister for Social Housing Zoe Bettison concealing contamination information from public housing tenants for almost a month is acceptable,” said Shadow Minister for Social Housing Rachel Sanderson.

“The Labor Government’s delay comes after indoor air testing in December 2012 revealed levels of TCE in public housing above recommended World Health Organisation levels.

“It comes after the Labor Government left public housing properties in the contamination zone empty for years as a result of health concerns but left other tenants living nearby in their homes.

“Ms MacDonald has lost any right to be considered a spokesperson for public housing tenants as a consequence of her failure to defend Housing SA tenants in the contamination zone

“Ms MacDonald should be urging the Weatherill Labor Government to evacuate the Housing SA tenants living in the contamination zone as soon as possible.

“Ms MacDonald’s attitude on this mirrors the disgraceful failure of the Weatherill Labor Government to inform these public housing tenants of the contamination of their homes and health risk that contamination poses.

“Ms McDonald’s statement emphasises that she neither truly represents public housing tenants and that the Housing Trust Tenants Association is actually a Labor front,” Ms Sanderson said.