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Labor fails to protect the Parklands

Labor promised South Australians on numerous occasions that the Adelaide Oval legislation would provide greater protection to the Parklands despite the new Adelaide Oval development:

(Presenter: So they can’t cut the trees down or anything like that?)
Patrick Conlon: “Well, they must maintain it at least in its present state.” (5AA 18/05/11)
Patrick Conlon: “We do want the parklands to be protected.” (891ABC 23/05/11)
Patrick Conlon: “Our intention is to protect and to improve the Parklands. (Hansard 08/06/11)

However, it has been revealed that 18 significant trees would be removed within the oval’s boundary, including one Moreton Bay fig tree adjacent the scoreboard which will be removed to make way for a light tower.

Liberal Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson said the Labor Government had deceived South Australians.

“South Australians have a right to be outraged that Labor has back flipped on their promise to protect the Parklands,” Ms Sanderson said.

“Residents in my electorate have continually raised this issue with me and I have made it clear on numerous occasions that the Parklands need to be protected.

“On 8 June 2011 in Parliament, I raised concerns that the Moreton Bay Fig Trees were not specifically protected within the draft legislation; however, Minister Conlon replied that there would be strict obligations to protect the trees in the Parklands.
“How is the removal of significant trees, including the 100 year old iconic Moreton Bay Fig Tree, protecting the Parklands?”