media release

New City Skate Park

The Marshall Liberal Government and Adelaide City Council have partnered to deliver a new City Skate Park, which will be integrated into the Gladys Elphick Park/Narnungga (Park 25).

The State Government will provide the $3 million funding required for the City Skate Park, due to be completed in the first half of 2020.

“The Marshall Government is delighted to announce that soon we will again have a fun and safe location for a City Skate Park,” said Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll.

“The previous Labor administration tore down the old city skate park and had absolutely no plans to build a replacement.

“Labor terminated the lease for the old skate park in 2013 and failed to deliver a permanent replacement in the subsequent five years they were in government.

“Park 25 is an ideal location because it’s well connected and serviced by our tram work, making it easy for young people and other users to access the skate park.

“The planning and design phase is now underway and further consultation will commence mid-year to determine the exact location and scope of the skate park.”

Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson welcomed the announcement saying the local community had been calling for a new City Skate Park for years.

“This is great news for both the residents of Adelaide and young people who will finally have a new, dedicated safe place to skate,” said Minister for Child Protection and Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson.

“A new City Skate Park has been a long time coming and it’s been an issue that has constantly been raised by my constituents and CBD businesses.

“This will alleviate the need for young people to use the city as a skate park and instead, use this fantastic new outdoor space.”
Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said today was a great day for the local skating community.

“Building a permanent replacement has taken far too long. Council has strongly and consistently lobbied the State Government for a new facility since the closure of the North Terrace skate park in 2015,” said Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor.

“I sincerely thank the new State Government for listening and taking decisive action to provide the funding required to construct a new City Skate Park.

“In particular, I thank Minister Knoll and Minister Sanderson, as the Local Member for Adelaide, who worked closely with City of Adelaide to deliver this solution.

“The new City Skate Park at Gladys Elphick Park/Narnungga (Park 25) will be another great attraction for city residents and visitors.

“I look forward to working with the local skate and BMX communities, as well as other stakeholders, to ensure that this facility is accessible, inclusive and enjoyable.”