Budget Newsletter 2018

The Marshall Liberal Government has handed down a strong budget to deliver on our election commitments and to secure South Australia's future. This budget delivers the strong economic reform South Australia needs. We are committed to creating more jobs, lowering costs and providing better services for South Australians. 

Winter 2018 Newsletter

As I commence my third term as your representative in State Parliament, I would like to thank the people of Adelaide for re-electing me at the March State Election. I am privileged to represent you. The Liberal Party won 25 of the 47 lower house seats at the election and was able to form Government. I am honoured to have been sworn in as the Minister for Child Protection in the Marshall Liberal Government and look forward to the challenges ahead. 

Spring 2017 Newsletter

As your representative in our State Parliament, my highest priority is doing what I can to help you feel safe
and not lose sight of the opportunities to achieve everything you wish for yourself in life. In the electorate of Adelaide, I remain inspired by the number of people I meet working hard in businesses or finding ways to create new ones. This is a reminder of how important it is to support local and buy local.

Autumn 2017 Newsletter

It has been an exceptionally busy start to the 2017 year with a number of local issues being raised on behalf of constituents and interest groups. 

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

What an absolute pleasure it has been for me to meet several of our elderly citizens celebrating their 100th birthday. Most recent, was the delightful Vivienne Jones who celebrated with an open house for her neighbors and who loves her visits to her local coffee shops in Walkerville during her daily walks. Vivienne lives by the principle of “it is no good worrying about your age’ it’s just a number”. What is more important is how you feel and “life is what you make of it”.

These words are a reminder for all of us.

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Christmas time can be a happy and festive occasion for many people but not for everyone.
The images we often see, particularly in advertising, do not reflect what many people in our community
experience at this time of year. Those who have lost loved ones miss them even more, many people struggle
financially and others feel very lonely. Let us all take time to reflect on what is good and positive about our life and
be thankful, and remember that it is a far greater gift to give rather than receive.

Winter 2015 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the issues mentioned in my last newsletter. I have included a survey in this edition as I am always keen to know your views on various matters, including controversial bills that will be debated in Parliament, such as voluntary euthanasia and the decriminalisation of sex work.

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Since being elected in 2010, I have met with thousands of people through meetings, forums, community events, in supermarkets and on their doorsteps and the message is clear – treat us with respect and listen to what we are saying.  People are sick of “announce and defend” and want a government that will “consult and decide”, really listen, surely that is not too much to ask.

Christmas Edition 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2014 Christmas edition newsletter. This is a great way to keep you updated on what has been going on in your area and the major topics being discussed in Parliament. 

Winter 2014 Newsletter

I would firstly like to take the opportunity to thank you for returning me as your representative in State Parliament. I am extremely humbled and thrilled to represent the Adelaide electorate for a second term. I can assure you I will continue to work hard as your dedicated local member.