media release

No consultation on child protection changes

The State Liberals have expressed their disappointment at the lack of consultation regarding changes to child protection laws to be introduced into State Parliament this week.

“Given the complete mess that has engulfed South Australia’s child protection system it would have made sense for Minister Rau to canvas views from within the Parliament on the legislative changes necessary to fix it,” said Shadow Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

“The introduction of the new child protection laws presented the perfect opportunity for the Weatherill Government to break with its adversarial approach of the past.

“South Australians rightly expect that when it comes to child protection the Parliament will work together to achieve the best outcome for our state’s most vulnerable children.

“As it stands today the Minister hasn’t even bothered to ascertain if there are significant concerns about the direction he is proposing to take.

“Had the Weatherill Government done a good job in child protection in South Australia we wouldn’t have needed a Royal Commission nor a complete legislative overhaul.

“Now we have a fundamental shift in the delivery of child protection services that has been developed by the architects of the failed system.”