Paradise Interchange

Ms SANDERSON (Adelaide) (12:05): I rise to support the member for Hartley's motion regarding the park-and-ride facility or better parking at Paradise Interchange. It is incredibly disappointing to see that the government can find money for Klemzig and Tea Tree Gully, yet it is again ignoring Paradise. We heard the member for Morialta describe how dangerous it is parking there, and the length of time that it takes to walk to and from your car. Imagine if you are a female, walking there late at night. Even at 5.30pm, it is dark these days in winter, so there is also the danger aspect of not fixing the parking facilities.

This is a very spiteful government. This spiteful government, although twice promising to electrify the Gawler line, cancelled it again for the second time. It has found it again in this budget. It cancelled it again before the 2014 election and found, miraculously, $160 million to cut a big tunnel through Rymill Park to save 2½ minutes in the morning and 3½ minutes in the afternoon for the people of the north-eastern suburbs because they were in marginal seats.

This government does act out of spite. Every decision it makes is politically motivated. It is never about the best interests of the people, so it is very pleasing to have such a strong advocate in the member for Hartley, who has been advocating in our party room to ensure that his constituents do have safety, a safe place to park and time is saved for them.

We did not need a $160 million tunnel to save six minutes. We could have saved more time by fixing the park-and-rides and also by fixing the line. The bus can only run at 80 km/h because the track has not been maintained properly. There are lots of things that could have been done that would have saved the same, if not more, amount of time for O-Bahn users. We welcome the O-Bahn. It was a Liberal initiative. It is a great piece of infrastructure and it needs to be maintained. We did not need a tunnel through the Parklands.

The time we have lost driving on Hackney Road for the last year is far more than six minutes in the morning and night. Hundreds of thousands of car users are losing time in their day because of this apparent upgrade. I commend the member for Hartley for his advocacy and doing the right thing for the people of his electorate. The Liberal Party, if elected in 2018, will ensure that that goes ahead.