media release

Parking tax not just hurting big end of town

“This toxic tax will hurt businesses, hurt jobs, hurt not-for-profit groups and churches, discourage people from entering the city and damage CBD vibrancy,” said Ms Sanderson.

“Most importantly, this tax will hurt residents who have been encouraged into the city on the back of the Government’s ‘vibrancy’ agenda.

“The Weatherill Government’s unrelenting approach to its planning agenda in Adelaide has seen buildings constructed without adequate and sometimes without any car parking, forcing residents to lease commercial car parks.

“Residents who have been encouraged into the city are rightly angry that they are now going to be hit by this $750 per year tax.

“While the Weatherill Government is spruiking a vibrant city on the one hand, it is introducing a toxic car park tax which will have the exact opposite effect.

“South Australians are already struggling under ever-increasing cost of living pressures and the highest taxes in the nation.

“The last thing businesses and households need in this State need is another tax.

“I call on the new Ministers to prove they really have the South Australia’s best interests at heart
and block Jay Weatherill’s car park tax.”

“Mr Weatherill’s toxic car park tax is nothing more than a desperate cash grab by a broke Labor Government after 12 long years,” said Ms Sanderson.