Extracted from Hansard- House of Assembly 15 October 2020

I rise to speak on this very exciting project in my electorate, that is, the $90 million upgrade of the Scotty's Corner intersection at the corner of Main North Road and Nottage Terrace. In 2010, very early on in my political career, I was living in Collinswood, so I am very familiar with this intersection and the effects it has on the local community, and certainly it has been raised many times by my local constituents. 

For anyone familiar with this intersection, if you are heading out of the city and turning right onto Nottage Terrace from Main North Road, many of my constituents who live on the left side of that, which is Thorngate. They have indicated that they cannot get across the traffic to get into that right-hand turn lane because it banks up so far down that, if they want to turn right, they simply cannot access this lane. Having the dual lanes will mean there is a lot better opportunity for them to get out of their suburb, Thorngate, if they are heading over to Walkerville, up North East Road or want to turn right for any reason. 

Because they cannot necessarily get into that right-hand turn lane, if they have come up Main North Road and cannot get across, as that banks up very quickly, many people then continue along Main North Road and cut through Harvey Street where Officeworks is. Harvey Street is a very narrow street that has parking on both sides, speed humps and dense living, with lots of apartments and units on that street. I have had lots of residents concerned about the traffic that moves through Harvey Street and the danger of that, because lots of children and elderly people live in that street, and an immense amount of traffic goes through there just to avoid the intersection because it is not usable. 

If people do not cut through Harvey Street they will do a U-turn at Harvey Street. When I lived in Collinswood, Harvey Street was one of the exits I came out of every morning and I saw many near misses at that intersection. A lot of them were because people were trying to avoid the Scotty's Corner intersection because it was banked up and not working properly. It will be very good for my local community. If you fix a major intersection, you want the cars on the major roads and not rat-running through all the side streets where there are children, pets, the elderly and parked cars. Really, the streets are not made for the intense amount of traffic, so I welcome this redevelopment. 

It is also perfect timing. I have lobbied very hard. Heading north, the property on the left-hand side (the western side) was for sale many years ago and I thought what a great opportunity for the transport department (DPTI as it was back then) to purchase that property. Alas, they did not. However, this new government has seized on that opportunity. There was a proposed development and, whilst it is sad the development did not go ahead, it is actually fortuitous that the land is vacant, so this redevelopment will have minimal disruption. 

On the western side, there was already vacant land and DIT was able to purchase the amount they needed to widen this intersection. At the very same time, the north-eastern corner, which was medical suites, is also quite vacant, so there is space available to take extra room there as well without shutting down businesses or causing much damage. 

I know that Scotty's Motel had a proposal for an expansion several years ago that did not go ahead because they were uncertain about the intersection and also the development on the western side, so I am hopeful that this will not only stop rat-running and make it better for my constituents living in Thorngate and Collinswood in particular, and Medindie, which is also affected, but also possibly stimulate further development because the intersection will be upgraded and modified and have better safety for pedestrians and better bus lanes. 

I am really pleased to be part of a government that has finally got on with the job. I know there will be some disruption in my electorate while this work occurs; however, I think that, in the long run, this will be a very good outcome for the people living in that local area and all the traffic that heads north out of the city or north-east using Nottage Terrace to get onto North East Road. I welcome this federal and state government commitment.