Registration and Regulation of South Australian Social Workers

Health Minister Jack Snelling will finally be raising the issue of registering social workers when he meets with the nation’s health ministers on Friday.

“It’s 13 years since the Layton Report recommended this critical reform yet no progress has been made by the Labor Government in all that time,” said Ms Sanderson.

“It’s 12 months since the State Coroner Mark Johns’ inquest into the shocking the death of Chloe Valentine recommended the same measure to improve child protection outcomes.

“The same measure was also recommended by the Deputy Coroner in the Baby Ebony case this year, a South Australian Parliamentary Committee in 2015 and Justice Mullighan in 2008
in the Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry.

“The longer this important reform is delayed the greater the risk to vulnerable children in South Australia’s completely dysfunctional and chaotic child protection system.

“Given the appalling delay in addressing this issue I’m concerned the Weatherill Government’s belated efforts on advancing the registration of social workers is no more than insincere lip service
driven by the anniversary of Coroner John’s findings in the Chloe Valentine case.

“If the Weatherill Government again fails to advance this issue I propose to draft a Bill providing for the registration and regulation of social workers within South Australia.

“The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) supports the registration of social workers and argues it is necessary to enhance public safety and ethical practice in the profession.

“The Australian National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) which regulates professional standards for health and human services, should also be the body that registers social