media release

Representing Adelaide residents on the Capital City Committee

The Capital City Committee amendment would give the incumbent State Member for Adelaide,irrespective of which political party they represent, the right to sit on the Committee.

“It’s critical that the Member for Adelaide has a permanent place on the Capital City Committee to ensure residents have an effective voice in the Committee’s deliberations about the future of Adelaide,” said Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson.

“Providing the Member for Adelaide with a permanent seat on the Capital City Committee will also ensure the City’s residents are better informed about the deliberations of the Committee.

“The presence of the Member for Adelaide would cut through the Capital City Committee’s current exemptions from Freedom of Information.

“The principle role of a Member of Parliament is to be an effective advocate for and on behalf of their constituents, and the current setup of the Capital City Committee does not afford me that opportunity.

“The Bill will also be an early test of Independent Local Government Minister Geoff Brock’s commitment to local communities.

“When the Bill was first presented to State Parliament in 2012, Mr Brock voted in favour of the
amendment which failed due to opposition from the Weatherill Labor Government.

“The amendment passed the Legislative Council in 2012 with the support of Family First and Independents John Darley MLC and Ann Bressington.

“Mr Brock is now the Minister for Local Government and his support will be necessary for the successful passage of the Bill this time.”