media release

Royal Commission ruled no single-handed shifts

Recommendation 150 of the Nyland Royal Commission was unequivocal.

Recruit a sufficient complement of staff to:
· cease using commercial carers in residential care facilities;
· develop a casual list to provide staff who are available on a flexible basis; and
· abandon single-handed shifts.

“To deliver on recommendation 150 the Weatherill Government needs to recruit hundreds of
additional child protection employees,” said Shadow Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.
Yesterday General Secretary of the PSA Nev Kitchen confirmed ... ‘and just for your information at
the moment there’s about 120 vacancies in care that particular area’ (residential care)
“The Nyland Royal Commission was in response to the sexual abuse of preschool aged children by
Shannon McCoole when he worked in a Government residential care facility,” said Ms Sanderson.
When McCoole was convicted of child sex offences then CEO of Families SA Tony Harrison
promised: ‘An extra 120 [full-time equivalent] residential care staff are being recruited to
improve the care and support provided to children in residential facilities.’

“The simple fact is the Weatherill Government’s failure to employ enough child protection workers to ensure children are not left alone with individual employees makes abuse more likely.

“The State Liberals will also open up recruitment to the wider child protection agency to people
holding a broader range of degree-level qualifications.

“Enabling graduates with these types of qualifications to work in the child protection system will
enhance the level of care provided to children in state care.

“Most other jurisdictions do not restrict their workforces to those holding an undergraduate or
postgraduate degree in social work."