media release

Skating to a better outcome

On the 2nd November 2013, the Weatherill Labor Government announced a $20 million plan over four years to transform Adelaide’s Parklands with more playgrounds and sports facilities and improved lighting and pathways.

More than two years later and no projects have been announced for the Parklands.

“Two years ago the Weatherill Government promised better sports facilities and since that time the kids of Adelaide have had their skate park taken away by the Weatherill Government – using some of the promised $20 million to put a skate park back in the city is the obvious place to begin,” said Shadow Minister for Youth Rachel Sanderson.

“This area in the west Parklands is particularly under-utilised and with its proximity to the Wayville train station, the tram and bike paths it is a good location for a replacement skate park.

“It was grossly negligent of the Labor Government to remove such a well-used popular community facility without providing a suitable alternative.

“Some two years on, the Weatherill Government’s failure to plan for a replacement of the immensely popular North Terrace skate park has turned many parts of the CBD into makeshift skate parks.

“The fact is many sections of Adelaide’s Parklands are in dire need of an upgrade and there will be plenty of other worthy projects to invest in after the skate park issue is resolved.

“It’s time the Weatherill Government fulfilled its election commitment and began the rejuvenation of
Adelaide’s Parklands.”