media release

Speed-up Clipsal Set-up

“It’s ironic that the erection of infrastructure for the Clipsal 500 proceeds at a snail’s pace,” said
Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson.

“The event is still two months away yet work on the site has been ambling along for more than a month and will be slowly pulled down for months after the event.

“Victoria Park is a fabulous asset for the people of Adelaide but the exceedingly long lead times for putting and pulling down the grandstands renders a large part of it inaccessible for a substantial part of the year.

“Whilst the Weatherill Government will probably ask where is the money going to come from the fact the Motor Sports Board could spend $24,000 on a junket to Darwin indicates there is plenty of fat in the budget.

“Minister Bignell needs to explain why the taxpayers of South Australia should pay for 16 state
government bureaucrats to kick their heels up in Darwin when Victoria Park is like a building site for half the year.

“The fact staff junkets are more important than ensuring community facilities are available for as much as the year as possible indicates this old and arrogant government is well past its used by date.

“The Clipsal 500 infrastructure should be able to be erected and pulled down in a much shorter space of time than it is.