Autumn Newsletter 2021

What a difference a year makes!

Just one year ago we were in the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic and the State was in lockdown. Today, look
how far we have come.

As South Australians, we’ve banded together through the tough times and, as an electorate, we’ve been able to host
some fantastic, COVID-safe events and continue to support local jobs and businesses.

Inside this autumn newsletter edition, you’ll find an update to many exciting Marshall Liberal Government projects and
our strong plan to continue to support jobs, the economy, protect the environment and make improvements right across
the Adelaide electorate.

Spring Newsletter 2020

Read my latest newsletter distributed to my electorate.

Autumn Newsletter 2020

It has now been two years since I was re-elected for my third term to represent you in State Parliament and as a Minister in the Marshall Liberal Government.

This is an opportune time to reflect on what we have achieved together as a community and delivered as part of the state government.

There have been many major and local projects announced within the electorate of Adelaide and we have a strong plan to do so much more.

Exciting projects such as the Lot Fourteen innovation and cultural precinct, which adds economic opportunities and vibrancy to Adelaide, and the delivery of Adelaide Botanic High School, providing more education opportunities to local students, and the culmination of the vision I had when seeking election in 2010.

Each day, when I am working in my electorate, I do not lose sight of the fact that I am here to represent my constituents and to ensure the Marshall Liberal Government’s strong plan to deliver more jobs, lower costs and better services is achieved.

It is a pleasure to serve you and I look forward continuing to support you by raising issues on your behalf.

Budget Newsletter 2019

Read my latest newsletter distributed to my electorate on the 2019/20 State Budget.

Autumn Newsletter 2019

Just over one year ago, I was proud to be re-elected for my third term as your representative in State parliament and a Minister in the Marshall Liberal Government. It’s a great time to reflect on some of the things we have done during our first year such as:
• Securing the National Space Agency, showing just what can be achieved with an ambitious focus on the future
• Establishing the Skilling South Australia Program to create 20,800 traineeships and apprenticeships
• Lot 14, as demolition work continues on the site, we’re also progressing the two other major projects we committed for Lot 14 - the International Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies and the National Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery.
These opportunities will provide tourism and secure jobs for the future and more opportunities for our young people to stay based in Adelaide to achieve their life goals. Over the past year, the Government has delivered on many of the commitments we took
to the 2018 Election. In this newsletter, I highlight some that relate to the electorate of Adelaide. I will continue to work hard as your elected representative and support you by raising issues on your behalf.

Budget Newsletter 2018

The Marshall Liberal Government has handed down a strong budget to deliver on our election commitments and to secure South Australia's future. This budget delivers the strong economic reform South Australia needs. We are committed to creating more jobs, lowering costs and providing better services for South Australians. 

Winter 2018 Newsletter

As I commence my third term as your representative in State Parliament, I would like to thank the people of Adelaide for re-electing me at the March State Election. I am privileged to represent you. The Liberal Party won 25 of the 47 lower house seats at the election and was able to form Government. I am honoured to have been sworn in as the Minister for Child Protection in the Marshall Liberal Government and look forward to the challenges ahead.