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Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 27 May 2021

I rise today to recognise National Reconciliation Week, which is celebrated between 27 May and 3 June every year. This morning I was honoured to join His Excellency the Hon. Hieu Van Le and Premier Steven Marshall at the National Reconciliation Week Breakfast hosted by the Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly.


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 26 May 2021

I rise to indicate my support for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2020, and I will make a few comments. This is obviously a very emotive issue and an issue that is taken very seriously by every member of parliament in both chambers.


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 11 May 2021

I would like to thank the members who have made contributions, particularly the Attorney-General and the member for King, and also the member for Reynell, who is obviously very passionate about this area and who I know has put a lot of work into this. I also thank the Deputy Speaker—who was the Chair—for the very long debate that we had, but it is a very important piece of legislation, so I was more than happy to answer the questions that were required. 


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 5 May 2021

I would like to thank the member for Hammond for bringing this motion to the house and also signal my support to the South Australian veteran community and the organisations that support them, in particular the RSL and Legacy and The Road Home. I am sure there are other organisations as well that do a wonderful, important job looking after both veterans and their families.


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 5 May 2021

Thank you, Mr Chair, and I would like the opportunity to respond to the member for Reynell. Adoption is an emotive issue. I think it is something that many people would avoid and not bring to parliament, but I believe that being a member of parliament and being a minister requires difficult decisions and difficult discussions. That is part of being a leader: bringing difficult discussions to the house. 


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 18 March 2021

I am pleased to have the opportunity today to speak on the South Australian Multicultural Bill 2020. Australia is a nation built on multiculturalism—from our First Nations people, who are our oldest living continuous culture, to welcoming new migrants into our communities and generations who now call Australia home. It is one of the greatest duties as a local member of parliament to attend citizenship ceremonies, as many people in this house have reflected. It is such a wonderful occasion and such a significant time for new citizens to become Australians.


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 4 March 2021

I rise in support of the Public Works Committee report. I welcome the $23 million investment for the expansion of Adelaide High School to allow the year 7s to attend high school. We know that as part of the national curriculum throughout Australia we are the last state to follow, to have year 7 going into high school.


Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 3 March 2021

I, too, would like to speak on this bill and reflect on rail that affects my electorate, such as the Gawler electrification. The electrification of the Gawler line, which goes through my electorate from the city through to Ovingham, Dudley Park, Prospect—

Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 - Committee Stage

Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 18 February 2021

I move:

Amendment No 1 [Sanderson–1]—

Page 5, after line 28—Insert

8A—Registered health practitioner to provide information about alternatives and risks

(1) A registered health practitioner must—

(a) when providing advice to a person about the performance of a termination; and

(b) in any case—before performing a termination on a person,

provide the person with information about the procedure, alternatives to terminating the pregnancy and the physical and mental health risks associated with terminating a pregnancy.

(2) A registered health practitioner will be taken to have complied with subsection (1) if the practitioner gives the person information in the prescribed form.

Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020

Extracted from Hansard - House of Assembly 16 February 2021

I rise to make a contribution on the Termination of Pregnancy Bill, mostly out of respect for the large number of my constituents who have made the immense effort to fill in my survey and questionnaire as well as those who have met with me—church leaders, community groups, constituents—and those who have rung and emailed my office. In particular, I would like to note that 951 constituents from the Adelaide electorate took the time to fill in my 10-question survey. I am truly grateful for their comments and their time towards our democratic process.