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Unfathomable and deplorable

“Once again the abuse of a child has ended up in the criminal courts despite the fact Families SA was alerted multiple times that the child was in great danger,” said Shadow Minister for Child Protection Rachel Sanderson.

“How could a small child be left with his abusive mother despite 19 notifications of child abuse being made to Families SA?”

Minister Close needs to explain what steps Families SA has taken to investigate the circumstances of
this ‘unfathomable and deplorable’ failure to protect a child at risk of grave harm from his abusive mother.

Minister Close also needs to explain what action has been taken to ensure this latest failure by Families SA is the last time the books are closed on a small child in mortal danger.

“It is deeply concerning that yet another small child has been left at risk of serious injury or death as a consequence of the failure of Families SA to take appropriate steps to protect him,” said Ms Sanderson.

“How is it that once again despite multiple notifications of serious child abuse Families SA failed to remove a two year old boy from his abusive mother’s care?

“In this instance it took the mother being arrested for abusing the child in public for Families SA to apply for a care and protection order.

“The mother’s history of a chaotic childhood, substance abuse issues and domestic violence meant early intervention and support should have been provided to her to give her the opportunity of providing a loving and safe environment for the child.

“Yesterday we learned that there were no consequences for Families SA as a result of its total failure to protect Chloe Valentine.

“Today the Minister must explain whether the same standard will apply to this latest outrage.

“Why is it that things have to escalate to this level for a child to be removed from a very dangerous situation